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We are here to represent YOU, the 49er fan base. Whether you’re a lone fan, tailgater, booster club, chapter, fan club, social media group, etc… Basically if you’re a Niner fan, you are part of ” The Niner Empire”.

The Niner Empire is a not for profit organization which exists with the sole intention of bringing 49er fans together from all around the globe and enhancing their fan experience year around. We are 49er fans first and keep everything open and transparent with the 49er Organization and work directly with them where needed. Just like our favorite team, our members, “REPRESENT WITH CLASS”. In addition to celebrating our team through thick and thin, we give back to our communities through charities and outreach. 15% of membership automatically goes directly into our “Community Give Back Fund”. Payments from the fund are made to various charities and outreach programs throughout the year.


Our mission is to represent Niners in every city for the states of Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, D.C area, whether its with a Chapter or a Bar / Location where fans can go and hang out with other Niner fans. If you are nearby a chapter, we are reaching out to inform you of sports events and locations of where to enjoy the 49er experience with other Faithful Fans.... GO NINERS!!!!

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